COVID-19 Update March 17, 2020


  • We have been communicating with parents and professionals privately as a standard practice of Pacia Life communication.

  • We are currently experiencing situations where a Mother, then a Father and then a professional Educational Consultant all call back to back. We would like to invite everyone to check our website for new information and then to give your team a call!

  • We would invite more conference calls that are scheduled instead of having separate phone calls as some of the call volume is pulling our coaches away from important time with our students.

  • We also invite everyone to watch our website and Facebook page with updates.

  • We have decided to give regular updates first on our website. Please check our website first before calling coaches in each location.

  • It is important to note that there are NO active cases of COVID-19 among our students or staff in any of our locations.

  • And, we still want to talk to you!!! Please feel free to contact us at any time. Just be aware that our coaches are focused on adapting to safety protocols while still focusing on helping our students get results in their lives surrounding their personal Tatori.

  • SUMMARY: We will do a better job of posting updates and as parents, please remember that every hour on the phone with the coaches is an hour they are not spending with our students.


  • We are following all worldwide health recommendations that include; teaching all students and coaches washing their hands for 20 seconds all day long, avoid close contact with people who are sick, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, appropriate hygiene, cleaning surfaces and social distancing.

  • We will be reducing the number of visitors to only mandatory visits and limit unnecessary off-site participation within the community.

While following the recommendations from trusted health sources, we are also making adaptations

  • Our Pacia Life coaches are still interacting in face to face meetings while also keeping social distancing and other hygiene factors in place. All housing checks are taking place as usual.

  • Pacia Life students have access to numerous clinical resources at any time.

  • Pacia Life coaches are also increasingly using social media platforms such as Facetime, Hangouts, Marco Polo, etc to continue doing daily coaching around executive functioning, daily success habits, Tatori level 1, 2 and 3, educational tutoring, etc.

  • While many of our students have been restricted from continuing to work or volunteer, Pacia Life Coaches are using this as an opportunity to use online education to further student personal development and growth.

  • While Pacia students and coaches are completely avoiding public transportation and public areas, we are still getting students out to remote areas like hikes in the mountains, secluded beaches, working out in private home spaces instead of public gyms, etc.

  • Pacia Life has always used remote clinical services, remote coaching, and online education. Just like many Universities, we are quickly expanding our capacity to use these services. We hope to have a more official announcement with added details in the days to come.

  • During this time, we are also expanding our Tatori 1080 assessments and self-discovery tools. We are excited to send more information about this in a few days.


  • Follow the recommendations of the world and local health officials. Shelter In Place.

  • Sometimes a student starts to say, “but I’m stuck in this house all night.” And, if you go to your family home, you will also be stuck in your house there too.

  • This is not a time to travel. It's a time to adapt and Shelter in place.

New Admissions

  • We are accepting new admissions.

  • We are pre-screening clients and family members for acute respiratory illness (fever, cough, difficulty breathing), including questions about travel abroad and domestically, family illness, infection or illness prior to admit or permit anyone onsite or into the program who poses a threat to our current clients and staff.

  • Please call us to discuss. Thank you.


Each location is independently owned and operated. Business mail can be sent to the address below and will be forwarded to the correct address and individual.

1914 East 9400 South

Suite 325
Sandy, Utah 84093



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