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mark hartje

clinically informed life coach

Mark began with Pacia Life with the New Perspectives team, then transferred to Pacia Life Portugal for close to a year and a half before transferring to the Salt Lake City team in January of 2020.

Once graduated from Utah Valley University in 2012 with a B.S. in Sociology, Mark spent multiple years in elementary, middle, and high school as a special education educator with a passion for helping others with special needs. 

As a Life Coach in Utah, Mark has used his experience as a special needs educator to help the large variety of students at Pacia Life. For those students that have challenges with learning disabilities, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and more. Mark has combined the inspiration of outdoor experiential education and special needs experience to help each student find their path to becoming a more independent and whole person. 

He has spent over a year as a live-in residential Life Coach with international experience in Lisbon, Portugal. He is trained and experienced to live with clients, manage mood swings, medications, home cleanliness, personal responsibilities, and more on daily, weekly and monthly scenarios. 

Born and raised in Chicago IL, USA, Mark spent 9 years in Utah and found his passions for life and career. Before long, the beautiful mountain range of the Rocky mountains captivated him. Camping, hiking, rock climbing and yielding to mother nature, inspired him to be something greater.


His passion for outdoor living has shaped his love for nature and people. Mark was asked why he teamed up with Pacia Life and he responded with, “My father once gave me the best advice when I was only a kid. I didn’t fully understand it then, but I believed him. He said ‘Investing in people is the wisest choice we can make.’ I firmly believe in this philosophy and my life experiences have proven it. Pacia Life has a very similar feeling. They are a strong, creative, and unique program that I think is good. Actually, it was an easy choice to work with them.” 

Mark loves to share what he has learned about investing in people. Combining that with the Pacia Life program and the great outdoors he truly shines as a Life Coach. He is caring, compassionate, hardworking, and willing to helping anyone who wishes better their own life. 

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