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Ken Hudonjorgensen

Paragliding Instructor

As an entrepreneur and successful business owner, Ken is a master teacher.  Many of his close friends call him “Zen Ken” because of his masterful way of teaching about authentic happiness and life through everyday habitual habits of success. Ken believes strongly in loving all things, healthy living and loving what you do every day – which includes finding jobs that wake you up in the morning.

As the former director of  Creative Health Institute in Michigan, Ken has worked extensively with live food therapy.

During this experience, Ken was able to see the incredible healing capacity of the human body. Individuals suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart problems and other health issues were able to cleanse themselves of sickness and feel absolutely wonderful again.

After his time at the Institute, Ken traveled around the country giving quality of life workshops.

Their expertise includes still point meditation, communication, mindfulness, relationships, the forgiveness process, live foods, and the Socratic dialog process. He has also practiced massage therapy. Mostly, Ken just loves being around people and believes that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves. We just have to give ourselves the proper building blocks of love, laughter, correct paradigms, oxygen, enzymes, trace minerals, and phytonutrients.

Ken has been flying para-gliders almost since the inception of the sport in 1989. Ken has a reputation for excellent and safe instruction, and he regularly has students from all over the world seek him out. He holds one of the few P-5 Master Rated Pilots, the highest single seater rating available. He is one of the most experienced pilots in the U.S., with over 14,000 flights and approximately 4500 hours of airtime.

Ken’s Tandem III rating is also the highest tandem rating available, and he was approximately the 10th person to achieve this in the U.S. Ken was the first Paragliding pilot to be awarded (in Jan. 1996) the highest safe pilot award possible; the Fifth Diamond for 5,000 consecutive safe flights. To learn more about Ken, check out Two Can Fly.

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