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1914 East 9400 South

Suite 325
Sandy, Utah 84093



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clinically informed life coach

Keith Gilmore is a Clinically Informed Life Coach and educator who has over a decade of experience helping students of all backgrounds. He earned a degree in philosophy in his undergraduate studies and afterward obtained a master's degree in writing. Professionally, Keith has worked with students of all ages for the entirety of his career; he has taught at colleges and universities, tutored students from middle school to master's level, coached and counseled students with learning disabilities, and worked in the nonprofit sector in the field of disability services.


Growing up on a farm in rural Massachusetts instilled Keith with a sincere appreciation for the infinite modalities through which life blossoms. Every seed becomes a plant that is at once the same and different from each plant of its kind. Each plant produces seeds at once the same and different from the seed which created it. Everything is interconnected and is at once the same as, and other from, everything else. Keith approaches human connection through this perspective; one is responsible for the welfare of oneself (and in being so will help all others); likewise, one is responsible for the protection of all others (and in being so will help oneself). 


Keith spends his time bicycling, gardening, reading, writing poetry, screenwriting, playing chess, and performing comedy. He values wisdom, openness, uncompromising honesty, and the exploration of varying perspectives in opposition to dogmatic thinking. His interests include ethics, education, psychology, philosophy of mind, world religion and spiritual philosophy, comedy, art, and nature. 


As a Life Coach at Pacia, Keith strives to create an atmosphere of trust, accountability, advancement, and mutual respect. He is an eternal student with much to learn.