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GAP cultural immersion​

Domestic and international
Update as of February of 2020. with the pandemic of covid-19, we are currently on pause for giving customized gap coaching and services. 
Pacia Life visionaries started actively using international cultural immersion, service and exploration trips with the intention of personal growth in 2009.
“There is something powerful about watching a young adult go from being the receiver to the giver. From the taker in life to the one who is blessing other people’s lives”, says Sarah persha. 

As part of what Pacia Life describes as the International Education Track or Track 6, our domestic and international travel experiences share the purpose of increasing self-awareness, contributing to world citizenship, learning cultural and world perspectives, and broadening possibilities with future careers.


The proven methodology of the Tatori Method uses key intrinsic motivators via motivational interviewing; many of our young adults add international cultural and service immersion experiences to their life map boards. Pacia Life uses unique screening and preparation, customizing and creating international experiences (often referred to as a GAP experience) that go far beyond the tourist’s goals.

These experiences are often a significant shift in personal growth for a young adult as they experience distant lands, cultures, and become the giver and partner to those in need instead of the receiver. Teaching school while living in a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal, working on a dude ranch in Argentina or building schools and greenhouses in Peru, caring for orphanage children in East Africa or walking the pilgrimage trail across Europe. The list of available countries and opportunities shifts each year based on changing safety concerns, the strength of partner organizations, and political stability, all monitored closely by our teams.

Randy Oakley states, “I’ve been helping young adults customize, design and execute international travel experiences for years. Some travel in groups and some travel alone. But the magic, growth, and awakening that takes place in each of them are beyond amazing. When they return, it’s like they have matured, see the world differently, they are more ready for college, jobs, relationships and most of all they return with a spirit of gratitude.”

Pacia Life is a proud supporter of the GAP Year Association and partners with several non-profit service organizations throughout the world.

International Travel Pre-Assessment

Anyone interested in traveling internationally begins with a Pacia pre-screen assessment. This assessment assists in designing a customised international growth experience that is right for each young adult and that meets the dreams, desired outcomes, and motivators behind the experience. We also know through years of experience that a poorly chosen trip can turn out with poor results.

At Pacia we highlight the personal growth and the goal of travel that builds memories for a lifetime. In addition to a formalized assessment processes, our international coaches started leading groups and designing individualized processes since 2010. Please feel free to call us for more details and stories about these wonderful experiences.

Pacia Gap Assessment determines individually designed international experience(s) to meet specific goals and outcomes:

  • Travel Locations, cultures, and goals

  • Motivators and desired results from the Gap experience

  • Physical, mental and behavioral health planning before during and post-trip

  • Personality and interest assessments to determine the integration of the Gap with “what’s next”

  • Current political, travel, health and safety ratings of the countries and the partner organizations

personal gap experiences

We do something very different than a traditional GAP program does. We create the experience around specific desired outcomes.Through our Tatori Method, we do a full assessment of individual strengths, goals, motivators, GRIT Scale specific to international travel, and then create or recommend a plan of action.

The best way to really understand how and what we do is to call us and we will walk you through the process.

Volunteerism, Cultural Immersion and Study Abroad

Teaching school classes while living in a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal, working to save the Rain Forest in Peru, helping to run an orphanage in South Africa, or working on a Dude Ranch in Argentina are just a few examples of the possibilities.

Domestic and International service, study abroad and full cultural immersion are powerful, life altering experiences and resume builders. Some of these experiences are short and only last for one month while others can extend out to a full year or more.

gap prep

GAP Prep is a series of short experiences and classes that specifically are designed around preparing a young adult to maximize the full experience to come. The American Gap Association reports that up to 40% of students are sent home early because of lack of being prepared for the experience and/or rule infractions. Our Tatori method helps create a GAP Prep experience to make the very most of the international experience to come.


GASPY was created within the Pacia model to provide alternative gap year opportunities. Courses are designed to deliver adventure and personal growth opportunities for young adults with Aspergers, learning differences, high anxiety, and similar profiles.


Experiential learning utilizing a variety of experiences provides the opportunity for increased self-awareness, coping skills, creative problem solving, and self-efficacy. As part of the admission/orientation process, participants and parents will help create a personalized itinerary base on abilities, interests, and goals.