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clinical Life coach

My name is Jean Carlo Garcia-Carmona. I was born and raised on the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. My hometown is Villalba, in southern Puerto Rico, but I was born in Ponce, not so far from the home of Pacia Life in Rincon. Growing up on an Island, helped me to develop a strong love for the mountains and beaches, which I love to visit frequently. Also, I’m an aquarist, which means that I like to keep and maintains aquariums. I think that this is a very relaxing and therapeutic hobby. My native language is Spanish, but I learned to speak English at a young age, thanks to the bilingual education system in Puerto Rico.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and a Master Degree in Clinical Social Work from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico in San Juan. My professional background includes two Group Homes for foster teenagers, where I served as a mentor, clinician, and independent living coach. These experiences helped me to discover my passion to assist teens and young adults to achieve their full potentials as human beings.    In addition, I worked in the City Hall of my hometown, where I served as a liaison between the mayor and the schools in the city.

I choose to stay on the island during Hurricane Maria. I learned how to live without electricity and running water for months. Thanks to Hurricane Maria, I know the meaning of resilience and service. And, I saw how strong the people of Puerto Rico are and how we all helped each other. By the same way, the Hurricane promoted community involvement and collaboration. After the hurricane, we stopped being just neighbors and bonded with deep friendships, collaborators and extended family members.

A couple of months after the hurricane, life forced me to embark in new directions and I moved to Florida, where I continued extending my resume and professional experiences. It has been a learning experience and a new adventure for my life. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that life has given me and I’m extremely excited to go back home and be part of Pacia Life Puerto Rico.

When I’m not working, I like to make road trips to discover new places, go out for dinner, kayaking, fishing, hiking and of course, work with my fish tanks. My life motto is “Relax and Live”.