Pacia Life Boston (Cambridge/Somerville area) is home to some of the top resources and opportunities to launch one’s life forward in the nation. At Pacia Life, we like to call it “America’s College Town” because there are so many students here that the city actually feels like a campus. The truth is that the Greater Boston area offers some of the finest institutions of higher education in the world.

Pacia Life Boston has modeled similarly proven formats as Salt Lake City and Portland. In Boston, our main office location for coaching and training sessions is at the Wework workspace located in Cambridge, but we also use other Wework and Impact Hub locations as needed in the downtown area.

Pacia student housing models college age typical housing and apartments located near local colleges and public transportation. We deliberately select our housing areas in areas that can foster jobs, education, healthy social and personal lives. Some of our homes may have a residential mentor living in the home or nearby. All students are required to sign a housing contract that states they will live by certain rules and expectations.

Our Campus is the size of Boston. It’s huge! It’s full of opportunities and resources. Students who have been touring college campuses, boarding schools, etc. often are looking for a geographic address with a set of buildings that they can see. In Pacia Life, our campus is all of the resources within the city of Boston. Our campus is Boston.

Boston is known for its rich history, culture, sports teams, some of the top college institutions in the nation, 30 museums, great public transportation (The MBTA, lovingly known as The T), career and entrepreneurship opportunities and let’s do not forget the fantastic seafood.

With over 30 local colleges and universities, Boston is a region of dualism, often feeling like a small town rich in American history, but with all the perks of big city life. The downtown area houses a diverse culinary scene, an appreciation for and access to the arts and proximity to world-class educational institutions, public transportation, arts, and employment. The Somerville and Cambridge areas (where most of Pacia Life Boston takes place) is rich in educational and career opportunities.

Well known for the college scenes of Harvard, MIT, Tufts, and much more, Boston is on the cutting edge of technology, medicine, and entrepreneurial start ups, but traditional in its love of pastimes like cheering on hometown heroes at TD Garden or Fenway Park. It is a region of sports enthusiasts, education, art eclectics and ambitious entrepreneurs coexisting with a sense of common good.

Boston is the site of some significant cultural and political moments in U.S. history. Living in the region can feel like acting out the pages of a U.S. history book, while simultaneously experiencing the vibe of a modern city.

For young adults locating to create a new chapter in their life, Boston is a place that can foster your new next stage of life, whatever that may be.

For a complete list of available universities, colleges, research schools, and trade schools click here.  

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