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ariana dabier


Ariana Dabier Moghaddam is a Clinically Informed Life Coach and powerful leader. For those who meet Ariana, in a quiet, confident, and humble sort of way, she will not volunteer her deep resume of coaching, serving, and blessing lives both in domestic and international settings. Nor, will she share her leadership and work in women's empowerment efforts or her unique climbing experiences that have taken her around the world. But one thing is consistent over many years. Every student that builds a relationship with Ariana, reaches new heights in their own dreams. 


From kinesthetic learners and the student that rejects the traditional classroom to neurodiverse students, to those seeking domestic or international adventure, Ariana has worked with youth and young adults in co-creating possibility. 


Ariana studied Human Development and Socio-Cultural Anthropology, intrigued by the complexity of the human psyche and multiple intersections of one's identity and experience. She has specifically focused on the way humans heal both individually and collectively. 

The foreground in which she chooses to engage in this learning is through the power of the wilderness. Ariana began working with Wilderness Adventure Therapy models where she helped facilitate experiences of self-efficacy, self-determination theory, positive psychology, and solution-focused paradigms through isomorphic experiences with transference into real-life applications. 


Ariana went on to become a Wilderness EMT and began working for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) where she leads longer (1 month to semester-long) expeditions for youth and young adults in austere wilderness settings as a backpacking and mountaineering instructor. She finds that nature is the best teacher where one indeed has no other option but to attune to present conditions, center, and face adversity and uncertainty with an open and attentive mind. The mountains and desert are powerfully temperamental, and it is in those raw moments, where we both dance, that reignites the resiliency of the human spirit. 


Ariana also believes in somatic work and the mind-body connection. Using the wilderness as her facilitator, Ariana has worked extensively in using somatics to develop new neural pathways and behaviors that provide alternative ways of responding to our environment without getting stuck in the habits of the past. 


Besides being a Clinical Life Coach, Ariana is currently an Outdoor Educator, yoga instructor, entrepreneur, and working towards her American and Iranian Mountain Guide Certification. She enjoys communal art and music, dance, ecology, herbalism, watering the roots of her cultural heritage, doing her own personal growth and identity work, and sustaining community.


Since 2014, Ariana has done coaching and training with Pacia Life in Salt Lake City, Puerto Rico, and Portland. 

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