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Amanda Ravensbergen

Life Coach & Mentor

Amanda has lived in New Jersey, Germany, Colorado and now Utah. During seven years living in Europe, Amanda traveled to 14 different countries and became familiar with the military community while going to school on an Army base. Amanda’s professional background is in wilderness therapy as well as rock climbing and backpacking guiding. She also brings her more creative interests to Pacia by sharing her knowledge of jewelry making, painting, film photography and creative writing skills with clients. Amanda’s professional and personal experiences have equipped her to help clients practice a “work hard, play hard, rest hard” attitude where life can feel full of adventure, joyful relationships, purposeful work, and meaningful self-care.

In 2015 Amanda moved 2,500 miles away from home and family to pursue a dream that did not make sense to many people in her close circle. She transferred from a university in her home state of New Jersey to a state university in Colorado. It was during her time at Western State Colorado University that Amanda was first encouraged to identify her strengths and pick a path where she could do the most good with what she was already talented at: leadership, empathy, conflict-resolution, and self-exploration. Through this strengths lens, Amanda pursued opportunities in life that brought these natural strengths and her personal passions for outdoor adventure and creative expression together.

Amanda hopes to be a resource for those at Pacia looking to discover and embrace their own natural strengths and specific areas for growth in order to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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