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Allyson is from the San Francisco Bay area. She grew up playing a lot of sports, including water polo, swimming, basketball and soccer. She has always been outgoing and loves meeting new people. Allyson loves to be outside and spend most of her free time exploring in nature. She loves to camp, hike, swim, play softball, rock-climb, and ski. Allyson is very close with her family which is something she is very grateful for.


Allyson states, "I try to surround myself with healthy people who inspire me to be the best version of myself.” Allyson has traveled extensively, some of her favorite places are Turkey, Portugal, Spain, London, Mexico, France, Israel and has been backpacking in Austria. Allyson has worked in recovery since 2014. Her true passion is working with addicts, which stems from her own struggle with achieving sobriety and being in recovery.


She is trained in DBT andI has worked with ADHD, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety, BPD, depression and substance abuse. “I am very excited to be working for a program that is individualized and focused on the needs of each client. I don’t believe that programs need to be one-size fits all and the approach at Pacia Life is very effective. Allyson attended two years of college at San Francisco State University and transferred to the University of Utah where she majored in communications.


Each location is independently owned and operated. Business mail can be sent to the address below and will be forwarded to the correct address and individual.

1914 East 9400 South

Suite 325
Sandy, Utah 84093



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