Pacia South Africa GAP“When my mentors first asked me if I wanted to travel abroad I wasn’t really sure if I was ready for that. My first trip was to Europe, which went well.   But my time in South Africa was life altering! As I’m getting ready for my third trip back to South Africa, this time for 6 months, I must say that if you want to go to one of the most beautiful places in Africa, you must go spend time in Cape Town. My time with my host family was amazing as they took me to places that tourist don’t get to experience.” — Michelle

Pacia Peru GAP Pacia Peru GAPAs an update, Nick has completed his time in South Africa doing service work in the orphanage. Now he is headed to spend a few days in a game reserve and then to spend a week with one of Pacia Life host families to experience the actual culture family style. We are thankful to our partner volunteer and GAP Year organizations for their assistance to our full-time staff who often also travel with our students during these excursions. For those who have been following Nick’s journey, he started with 3 months living in a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal. He then came home to be with family and work on some personal goals before going to South Africa. His next trip is to Peru.