anna-pacia-life-coachAfter spending time in Guatemala in the act of Service (GAP Experience), Anna moved to Salt Lake City. Among many things on her dream board, was to create a platform for innovation, thought, the arts, and to be a contributor to making Salt Lake City a better place. From this dream, TEDx Salt Lake City was born.

#TEDxSaltLakeCity 2016 sold all 1,300 available tickets and had live audio streaming. An army of 100 volunteers with an estimated 3,000 hours of service put on the event.

“When Randy and I first met Anna in 2013 we saw a y
oung girl with big dreams. Today, we see a young girl with big accomplishments!” — Lara Pearson.

As for a Tribute to Anna, we think the pictures say it all!

jamie-littelfield-tedx-pacia-life kyl-ted-pacia-life piper-christian-tedx-pacia-life

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