Vicki Talmage

Raw Foods Nutritionist, Author, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur

VickiAs an amazing entrepreneur business mentor, Vicki knows that life success starts with taking care of the mind, body, and soul.

A cancer survivor, founder of VitaeHealth Systems, survivor of a horrific tragedy, a master teacher, a healer, a spiritual giant!

The power of Vicki is her amazing love!

Her passion of bringing healing to the body, mind and spirit is felt in her seminars, workshops, her latest book “Surpassing Understanding”, her international philanthropic work in Peru, regular trips to the Navaho nations and most of all when she gives you a hug!

Vicki created VitaeHealth as a resource for people offering the highest quality of body cleansing, support, and information. Her health systems have been instrumental in helping thousands of people around the world to live healthier lives, fight obesity, diabetes, beat cancer, over come drug and alcohol addictions to list just a few examples. Her health and wellness systems are used to naturally manage and help with ADHD, to treat and heal Asperger’s syndrome, depression and a number of other diagnoses.