Randy Oakley

Randy Oakley CEO, Founder

Randy Oakley

As the current acting president of the board, Randy Oakley mostly works with students who are working in the entrepreneurship (track #3), international travel students and the advanced life coaching students who are seeking skill sets in the conscious engineering areas.

Through his own practice with conscious engineering, Randy strives to live with intention and passion to fill a gaping void in the education, life skills, grit, resiliency and personal needs for young adults transitioning from adolescence into adulthood.

Previously, Randy pioneered Wilderness Adventure Therapy as it is known today.  As the creator and founder of what today is one of the most successful Wilderness Adventure Therapy companies, Randy saw the power of families, educational consultants, therapist, in the trenches staff, boarding schools and transitional living programs working together to shape and shift the lives of our young people.

Since 1987, Randy has dedicated himself to improving the quality of other people’s lives. Learning from some of the most successful individuals in the world through personal coaching, schooling, literature, workshops, and providing others with coaching he has simplified the core distinctions and strategies that can be applied immediately to measurably improve the quality of others’ lives. His ideas are transformational through the Tatori method which leads individuals through the power of choice in their lives. As a visionary and pioneer in the field, Randy believes the only way to make lasting shifts in our lives is through shifting the very way we habitually think and feel on a daily basis. While we cannot control the actions of others or events in our lives, we have the power of choice to choose three vitally important things: 1) What to focus on in our daily lives. 2) What these things mean and how they can serve us. And 3), What to do next to create daily habits of success.

One of Randy’s biggest passions is using the incredible adventures of the outdoors such as hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and canyoneering to teach life coaching and envisioning processes. With years of experience and training in business growth, entrepreneurial start-ups, nutrition, holistic health, life coaching, creative processing and just having fun, Randy brings a simple, common sense approach to helping people create their lives instead of just letting life happen to them. Randy believes firmly that we can create our lives with intention, that perceived failures in life propel us forward and that whatever we focus our daily thoughts and feelings on will manifest in your life.

Randy has a Bachelor’s from Brigham Young University. Randy grew up in the beautiful state of Missouri and has lived in France, Switzerland, Hawaii, and Utah. In addition to his own amazing children, Randy has also included 35 foster children in his home over the years. Today, Randy lives in Sandy, Utah with his wife Lara and family.