Keano Maumau

keanoKeano Maumau, is a Mentor on the Salt Lake City, Utah team here at Pacia Life.

With a degree in business administration pending, recently, Keano’s participation in a non-profit organization, has enabled her to coach Volleyball at a high level. Catering to all, but especially underprivileged athletes she was able to become an advocate in their journey towards college preparation. Her passion for volleyball enables her to teach life changing lessons through the game of volleyball. With High School and after-school elementary coaching experience behind her, she has been able to emphasize growth as a student first and athlete second with many children. She has seen the most success in athletes through coaching of repetitive basic skills. In doing so, her perspective has come to be that time and love is all anyone needs to realize their worth as amazing human beings.

Keano was able to volunteer ecclesiastical time in Las Vegas and Reno, giving her a background in teaching and aiding her fellowmen.

As she journeys forward in her aide to help her family and fellowmen, she too is on a journey to self-reliance and complete stability. While realizing her worth, she too is learning and in the process of attaining her fullest potential. “Being a mentor is the most rewarding experience ever!”  -Keano Maumau