Ariana Dabier
International GAP Prep, Life Coach

arianaAriana comes with years of experience and training working with young adults who are challenged with failure to launch, those with learning disabilities, and those seeking to do international adventures and service.

Studying Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Ariana is also passionate about the empowerment of women and girls around the world. Co-producing their Advanced Business Skills Curriculum for Women for Women International, Ariana worked with Iraqi female victims-of-war, helping them become self-sustainable and emancipated from their trauma and poverty through education and employment.

Much of Ariana’s experience was working in Wilderness Adventure Therapy models where she taught self-efficacy, self-determination theory, positive psychology and solution focused paradigms through isomorphic experiences.

Ariana’s philosophy can be manifested by her past few years working in Wilderness Adventure Therapy and her mountaineering endeavors. She believes that life is not measured by solely reaching the summit, but more importantly about the journey of struggle and survival that ignite our raw identity and manifest resiliency of the human spirit and mind along the way.

As an advocate of wellness, Ariana encourages the power of balance in one’s life: the balance of health, connection, mindfulness, giving, play and productivity. She has particularly found that service is a transformational therapy within itself and is necessary in creating one’s identity.

Ariana is an outdoor adventurer, aspiring mountaineer and yogi, linguist, storyteller, artist, and overall fresh-air enthusiast. Although a mentor and guide, Ariana considers herself simply a student of the world where she finds her greatest joy capturing the essence of humanity through her travels.