Josh Young

joshJosh grew up exploring the canyons and high deserts of southern Idaho with his parents and younger brother.  He absorbed the therapeutic power of the wilderness fishing trout out of mountain streams and listening to stories around campfires with his family.  His parents instilled a sense of responsibility to the rest of creation, especially those less fortunate.  Since then, Josh has spent his life seeking ways to make the world a better place while remaining connected to the wilderness and his community of family and friends.  After an education at the University of Portland, Josh traveled extensively in South America, Alaska and Europe.  His connection to southern Idaho came full circle when he became a Wilderness Instructor at the SUWS therapeutic program in Gooding, ID.

At SUWS Josh learned about the power of experiential education and the use of strength based approaches in intervening in the lives of young adults and adolescents. Josh worked at SUWS for six years, eventually becoming a program director.

To be closer to his family who had migrated to the east coast, Josh moved to Philadelphia in 2008 and earned his Masters in Education from Temple University.  Josh taught at El Centro de Estudiantes, a Big Picture network school, in Philadelphia for two years.  The focus at El Centro was on connecting students who had dropped out of school with their interests in the form of internships with community mentors.  Josh successfully guided dozens of students through the internship process and ultimately to their high school diplomas.

After four years in the big city the lure of the Northwest was too strong and Josh returned to his roots.  Back in Portland Josh worked as a skills trainer at Family Solutions picking up valuable experience working with adolescents and their families to build skills, resilience and confidence.

Josh believes that working as a mentor to adolescents and young adults is his calling.  He and his wife Erin live in Portland and hope to start a family soon.  In the meantime, he enjoys backpacking, woodworking and spending time with friends and family.  Now Vocational Director at Portland Station, Josh coaches students in vocational and career exploration that includes all aspects of getting a job as well as training and education for a career.