Donovan Frost

donovanI developed a passion for teaching ever since I was fortunate enough to have someone become more than a teacher to me.

Elementary school and Jr high was a very difficult time for me academically. While I would be present and attentive during class, information never seemed to stick. My 8th grade literary arts teacher saw that I was struggling. He was able to help me find the problem and work towards improving myself. It was the first time in my life where someone reached out to help me not only learn, but to really understand.

Mr. Leibenstein quickly became a mentor in my eyes. I would meet with him in the Library for an hour a day after school; he offered advice and a supportive place for schoolwork.

Ever since that early personal experience, education has been a motivating force in my life. There is opportunity in every day to learn.

With learning comes the ability to become a teacher oneself, sharing your own story and connecting with students. It is because of these early experiences that I decided to become a mentor. I aim to create moments of realization, change, and understanding with students. I wish to help motivate, set, and achieve short and long term goals.  I aim to replicate the feeling of knowing and understanding—connecting—that comes with a good teacher.