Randy Oakley

International Business Developer and Executive Coach, Randy’s experience have led him to many countries as both resident and business owner. Having lived in Europe and with a number of extended trips back, Randy understands the lasting value and personal growth that can’t be achieved living in our home environment.

As a visionary who works with high-end executives but has a strong passion for young adults, Randy coaches students to use the R-Factor combined with the Tatori model to not only explore their potential but to bring solid results to their combined need to think both traditionally and “out-of-the-box” as entrepreneurs.  Randy believes that the current young adult generation is naturally being trained to think differently, to think like an entrepreneur. However, without some strong guidance, “out of the box” life experiences, coaching and learning to focus the informationally and idea-rich brains of our current generation, the lack of grit, resiliency, and focus will bring a much lower life result than their potential.

With international living and global business relationships his resources, Randy brings successful ventures to programs that produce thriving global citizens.

Randy and his wife Lara live in Salt Lake City, Utah but travel to Europe to work with students on specific goals and excursions.


“My parents were married for 54 years before my father passed away. When it comes to family, I don’t define family just by my bloodlines. I have 4 children from my 1st marriage and have remarried and have two stepsons. Three of our six children are married so of course, we now have nine total. However, we have had 35 foster children over the years too. Some of them still feel years later that we are their real parents”.

Randy grew up in Kansas City Missouri and has since lived in Utah, Hawaii, France and Switzerland.

Randy and his wife Lara enjoy skiing 40 to 50 days a year, rock climbing, road biking, mountain biking, outdoor concerts, Broadway, travel and being at home with family and friends!