We Are Here To Serve You

Our Pacia Life Clinical Health Advisors are here to assist young adults in monitoring current and changing physical, mental and behavioural health. Different than most international study abroad and GAP year experiences, Pacia Life has a team and network of trained professionals that have schooling, degrees and experience in Europe and the United States that can work with young adults who may be experiencing existing or new personal challenges. These challenges may include depression, addictions, neurodiversity and much more.

If needed, services may include:

Full-service health care, doctors, clinic’s and hospitals are in the area. During the admission process, our team will help you evaluate your insurance to see if you have coverage or if you need to get an additional insurance policy to cover the unexpected during your stay.
If you have ever struggled with depression, ADHD, anxiety, borderline personality disorder and other similar challenges, it is highly likely that those struggles will continue during your stay. This is understandable. The Pacia Life team can either provide or through their network help you with therapeutic and psychiatric needs.
Behavioural health challenges often will surface for young adults who struggle with emotional regulation, impulse control and by making poor choices. Because most behavioural health challenges are changeable by making a different choice, most of the time our clinically informed life coaches and clinical therapy team can assist young adults in making different small decisions that often lead to positive results. However, sometimes it is more complicated than just the power of choice, and the behavioural health challenge will require a more in-depth look at the underlining cause.

Mark Burdick

As a licensed psychologist both in the United States and in the United Kingdom, Dr Burdick serves as the clinical director for any young adults who need additional guidance.

Dr Burdick has met the needs of families, agencies, and courts for over 30 years. Burdick Psychological Services formally assesses and places individuals for families, attorneys and courts specialized settings, including in recovery treatment programs, mental health programs, private and public schools, and treats each one as a unique individual.

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Jorge Venceslau

As a specialist in dual diagnosis, addictions, and interventions, Jorge lives less than five minutes away from the students and is on call to assist those in need. Jorge is highly networked in the international and local community to be able to help young adults get the services they need. You can read more about Jorge and his history on his bio by clicking here. 

Sarah Persha

Sarah has over 30 years of clinical expertise and case management with young adults who are going through the rigours of normal life and experiencing challenges in the process. Sarah is typically involved in the student admittance process, student interview and assists in tracking the overall progress and needs of each student during their journey.

You can read more about Sarah Persha by clicking here.