Dr. Mark Burdick

As a licensed psychologist both in the United States and in the United Kingdom, Dr Burdick has met the needs of families, agencies, and courts for over 30 years. Burdick Psychological Services formally assesses and places individuals for families, attorneys and courts specialized settings, including in recovery treatment programs, mental health programs, private and public schools, and treats each one as a unique individual. Whether it’s for a youth in need of specialized treatment or education, an adult looking for recovery options, or a family searching for help for a loved one, Mark helps provide the solution or connect you with people that can.

Specialities: Education, Health, Forensic services of international expert status and public speaking. Specialized school to immigration to family law considerations, DrBurdick.com is a great starting place. If we’re not right, we will send you in that direction.

Dual licensed as both an educational (LEP 2429) and licensed psychologist (18063), Dr Burdick has served as chair of the Board of Behavioral Sciences of the State of California and is the founder of Burdick Psychological and Placement Services (www.DrBurdick.com).

In addition, Dr Burdick serves in the capacity of E.U. Agent, and Independent Educational Consultant, in touring and regularly communicating with programs domestically and internationally. Finding the perfect program for the individual and their family is his mission, whether in the US or abroad.

Dr Burdick specifically adds clinical oversight and expertise for any Pacia Life student who needs additional clinical support to have a successful experience.

While Mark travels extensively for the care of his clients, he and his wife primary live inĀ Amsterdam but also have homes and property in Montana and California.