New Perspectives

Increasing Independence for Neurodiverse Young Adults

Creating a Culture Where Neurodiversity is Embraced & Strengths are Capitalized 

Where Self-Reliance is Increased & Quality of Life is Improved

Guiding Principles

Every individual is unique and thus needs a unique approach

  • Motivation is built through choice, relationship, challenge

Strengths, interests and dreams are valued

  • Optimal growth occurs by not just dwelling on our weaknesses but learning to capitalize on our strengths

Constant Support and constant coaching

  • Most growth does not happen in an office or a classroom but through support in real life activities

Empowering young adults to create their successful adult life

  • Our students have labeled us the un-program program as their experience is living in real life while surrounded by their optimal level of support

A model of best practices created by a team of passionate professionals  

  • A research based model created through knowledge of experiential learning, solution focused therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and motivational theories paired with research on Asperger’s/high functioning autism, OCD, anxiety, and other learning difference

Areas of Focus

Our overall arching goal to continue developing sustainable self-reliance and improved quality of life is achieved through 5 areas of focus

Emotional Wellness:

  • Many of our students struggle with feeling overwhelmed whether from ridged perfectionistic thinking, social related anxiety, academic anxiety, sensory overload
  • Others experience high levels of frustration. This might be expressed through internalizing their emotions through isolation and giving up while others express the frustration through lashing out. At times our students may have offended others by things they do and say when angry; verbally lashing out, quick to give up; have not learned healthy outlets for frustration and anger

Developing Careers

  • Our participants may have lost confidence as they have not been able to establish momentum (lack of motivation) in their adult lives. While some lack a clear vision of where they want to take their lives while others have the goal in mind but others have an end goal but doubt their ability (have not experienced success) to find and then stay on the path to reach that goal.

Supporting Education

  • Having a clear direction helps many of our students to have more motivation with education and training. Others need support learning to navigate the university system and setting up academic supports.

Building Healthy Relationships

  • Some find that they benefit from support to build or maintain healthy relationships. It is not uncommon for our students to find that in social situations they may feel awkward, unsure how to begin or enter a conversation, struggle with feelings of loneliness. Out of a desire for friends our students may have engaged in emotionally intense relationships or may have had poor judgement in making friends in the past.
  • Many find that the transition from a parent-child relationship to a parent-young adult has been difficult to navigate

Increased Independence

  • It is important that participants do not feel they need to complete a process/program as a hurtle before they can have all the freedoms they desire; we work hard to create an environment where we are the vehicle that can speed up the process to sustainable self-reliance through developing healthy habits in areas such as finance, recreation, nutrition, and organization.

We expect that you may not need support in all areas.  When that is the case those areas are not a focus when developing your goals.  If a few of these sound familiar you are potentially a good match for our model.

Our New Perspectives Team

Our team of specialists is passionate about providing life coaching support to young adults with learning differences in ways that build on strengths and dreams.

Janet Robinson, CSW
Director, Parent Mentor, Clinical Coach

Justin Robinson, LCSW
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Jason Webb

Jason Webb

Wellness & Recreational Coach

Eric Rydzewski

Eric Rydzewski
Clinical Mentor & Life Coach
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Tiffany Webb

Tiffany Webb

Vocational & Social Coach

Kari Bushman

Kari Bushman

Social Coach, PARC Academic Tutor

Kaytlin Robinson

Kaytlin Robinson

Peer Mentor

Kaytlin Robinson

Kimberlee Byers

Peer Mentor