Alec Petsikas
Life Coach, Residential Coach, Music Coach, Academic Coach

Alec Petsikas has always had a passion for seeing others thrive and wants to help create a space for people to grow. His interest in helping others was originally inspired when he spent some time backpacking in Utah at the age of 18, where he came to realize his true potential as a leader and a guide for those who were struggling with life. With a healthy mixture of compassion and a non-judgemental stance, he hopes to help others open up to the satisfaction of learning to cope with and overcome life’s obstacles.

One of his main interests is the effects that diet and exercise have on our well-being, both physical and emotional. He is currently studying at the International Sports Science Association, where he hopes to learn even more about nutrition. Alec is also an experienced drummer of 15 years, and a songwriter as well, having played in multiple bands and writing music for over a decade. Alec believes that it’s important to have personal goals, pursuits, and hobbies because they are tools for our personal development. To become good at anything you must learn to cope and allow your weaknesses to become your strengths. He believes you must practice discipline and dedicate yourself to the pursuit of improvement, however, slow that may be. You must want your tomorrow to be better than today for your practice to pay off. You must want the feeling of satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something you’ve worked hard at, over what gives you temporary happiness at that moment. He hopes to help others realize their potential happiness, and be there for them to help them build their roadmap to success.