Alan Houghtaling

Academic and Life Coach

Alan brings two decades of varied experience to his work with Pacia Life young adults, and the common thread has always been growth and helping them find their inspiration.

After studying English in college, devoting time to creative writing projects, and then doing some traveling, a pattern began to emerge. Whether mediating a dispute between neighborhood teens, gathering kids in Newfoundland for a game of Ultimate Frisbee, or connecting with street kids in Guatemala, he discovered a passion for working with young adults. That realization set his journey in motion, and along the way Alan has:

  • Facilitated individual and group counseling with at-risk youth in Boston, helping them explore how their past experiences negatively impacted their life. Taking the time to truly learn how they experience their world was instrumental in helping these youngsters invest in themselves.
  • Guided and led Outward Bound modeled adventure trips for teens where activities such as rock climbing, backpacking, rafting, and ropes courses were utilized to coach kids to challenge their limits. Teaching them that through focused effort anything is possible, the groundwork for his future work at Evolve was being created.
  • Created various after school groups in Greater Boston that began to incorporate his therapeutic and experiential based knowledge with an academic tutoring component. Students were supported with their academics while also being exposed to group building initiatives and mentoring.
  • Completed a number of mindfulness courses in order to better be able to introduce students, to these valuable concepts that help them personally and academically.

Ultimately, Alan has done academic tutoring and mentoring with hundreds of young people, and each of these experiences helped shape Evolve’s philosophy. He firmly believes that young people need someone to not only help them be better students but to help them flourish in all areas of their lives. Currently, in addition to his leadership of Evolve Tutoring, Alan is also offering Life Coaching to teens and young adults through Pacia Life and Evolve Life Coaching.

In his personal life, Alan is an avid learner, always trying to expand his knowledge base, and pushing himself to remain open to new challenges and experiences. He thoroughly enjoys reading, writing, mountain biking, following the local arts and sports scenes, and being with good friends and family. Mostly though, you can find him spending time with his incredible wife, who is a Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist, and their ever-changing 3-year-old son, who keeps them both on their toes!

Alan received Best of Boston Award for his work in tutoring young adults.