Pacia Puerto Rico has remained open and fully operational with all services except some interruptions with academic services that required the internet for completion.

During the holiday season, we will be excepting new students on January 2nd. Young adults and their parents can begin seeking acceptance for January enrollments should begin the admissions process soon as we already have new enrollments that have secured their spots. If you have an emergency enrollment need, please give us a call to discuss.

Hurricanes and Pacia Life.

For many people who spend time in the wilderness or outdoors, there are two guiding principals that we live by:

1. “There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriately prepared people.”

2. “When the winds blow, we sleep. Those who are prepared, sleep. Those who are not prepared, suffer.”

Pacia Puerto Rico (aka Surf House) is well prepared for the storms with buildings that are made of cement, built in generators, water supplies that can support our people for over 90 days, food supplies, satellite phones for communication, etc. Our buildings are located at elevations safe from storm surges and flooding. Our systems are set up much like a group of people on a wilderness expedition — we are not dependent upon other people for our safety and well being.

During Hurricane Maria, we also discovered how well the residents of Rincon and our surrounding area are also prepared. As the winds slowed down, our teams helped clean up tree limbs in the morning around town and went surfing each afternoon.