Ariana Escalante.

Huge congrats to the very awesome and very talented Ariana Escalante on booking a show with the NFL!! Looking forward to seeing you kill it out there!! 

“Today is kind of a big day in my little world. I have officially begun submitting myself to top hosting agents. What does that mean?

“For the first year of my career as a host in LA, I have chosen to remain “Independent”, meaning I have no official hosting representation. The reason I chose this was to get as much work as possible on my own terms and not be one of 1,000 hosts under some entry-level agency. Representing myself has been a difficult and rewarding journey. Now that I have beefed up my resume, created a reel I couldn’t be more proud of, and discovered my strengths as a host, I am ready to apply for top LA hosting agencies. That means the cool cats who represent the hosts of E!, TMZ, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, Extra, Access Hollywood, etc.

Am I qualified for these agencies? Probably not. Do I care? Definitely not.

Wish me luck!” — Ariana