Happenings at Pacia Life

To transform your life,

the whole basis of your thoughts

and daily habits must change.

Tatori Method

An awakening from within, creating growth, love and enlightenment for oneself in the current moment. 1. Being happy in the now. 2. Create an exciting future.

We guide people in creating sustainable self-reliance
in all areas of their life!

Who teaches us how solution focused thinking works in the real world? Who teaches our young adults about resiliency in real life when there is not a parental or program safety net anymore? Who teaches our young adults how to select a proper significant other, close friends and how important these people are to our overall success in life? Who teaches you to work on your body and mind together, so you are operating at top performance, getting more done in less amount of time?

Who teaches our young adults to be more productive at work, how to build a network, how to self-educate, how to pick a college that is right, to build a business or to obtain wealth? Who teaches our young adults to expand their mind or intuition or to live a life with meaning and fulfillment? Who teaches our young adults executive functioning, financial literacy, self-discipline and emotional regulation in the face of significant challenges? Who teaches our young adults to stop living in a reactionary state of life and how to access conscience engineering, living with intention and life mapping?

Through the Tatori System, we are ambitiously determined
to empower young adults to live healthier and happier lives,
to release old behavioral patterns that no longer work,
to unleash their fullest potential –
to take control of their own sustainable self-reliance and
to live as a creator of their life.

Based on outcome studies within Pacia Life and comparing that data with other professionals within our industry, Pacia Life has learned to screen out any young adult who’s parents say they don’t need parent coaching. Pacia Life has learned, that any parent who thinks they don’t need parent coaching has over a 90% chance of failure.

In fact, industry-wide outcomes studies show the same thing that Pacia Life has learned over the years. That is, “The number one predictor of success or failure is not the student, but rather, the parent.” We have also learned over time that that our students will rise to the level of realistic expectations placed upon them as long as there is no safety net.

Outcome studies show the number one predictor of failure is parents who try to stay overly involved in the details and who provide a financial safety net. Parents must understand that what used to be the right thing (i.e., protect our children), is now the wrong thing.

“Helicopter parenting” (which is just one of many terms used) with emerging young adults shows even greater harm to the self-efficacy of an adult child than it does in the teenage years. In fact, Anyone with low self-efficacy will never develop the grit and residency needed in an adult world.

Separate from helicopter parenting, parents who continue to send a message to their adult child that they can just come home or that they will give them unnecessary fiscal support or the option of moving back home send their adult child a strong message that they don’t even believe in their own child.

In most cases, the solutions to this situation are simple and logical. However, if parents can’t make some simple adjustments in their parenting style. Parents of young adults must learn how to be quick to empower and slow to rescue.

Our Clinically Informed Life Coaches use the Tatori Method to increase self-improvement skills, in up to date formats, for this generation.

The Tatori System, along with our unique, in the trenches, Life Coaching Model and support systems, encourages emerging young adults to unleash their potential, eliminate limiting beliefs and thinking errors that are hindering them from pursuing their dreams and adopt powerful mindsets that unlock a life that they are actually capable of living.

Traditional therapeutic change models focus primarily on fixing the broken. This is a necessary step to create stabilization and essential foundational work in our lives. However, we cannot stop there.

At Pacia Life, we strive to come up with new life maps that will ultimately render old behaviors that no longer serve us, obsolete.

We stand by the philosophy of Buckminster Fuller, who taught this truth:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Through the Tatori Vision, Lens, Dance, and Mirror, we learn a solution focused and systematic way of approaching our goals, dreams, and challenges. Change is accelerated, life mapping is hacked, education is holistic and extraordinary living becomes even more possible for each of us who learn to execute the principals and task.

Using the Tatori method, Pacia Life Puerto Rico mentors use a unique model called Clinically Informed Life Coaching℠ that focuses on the future, identifying and developing possibilities, taking action, building skills, increasing confidence and creating a vision of the future.

Each individual has circumstances and life obstacles that make them unique. Our focus is on establishing a relationship with each student so that we can help them devise a plan for their future and develop skills to move forward.

Like any athletic coach, our Clinical Life Coaches provide students with an understanding of their strengths and challenges, while helping them determine the specific steps necessary to adapt, learn, and achieve their goals.

“Today’s young adults are not looking to parents and leaders to get information. They perceive that they have access to every bit of information imaginable via their cell phone. Different than generations past, they are learning on a ‘need to know’ basis. However, they are seeking strong relationships with authentic mentors who can guide them to get what they want. To live their dreams. Their basis for making decisions is more relational than logical. Today’s young adults are not looking for leaders. They are looking for mentors and coaches,” –Executive Life Coach and CEO, Randy Oakley

As of May of 2016, informal outcome surveys show that 92% of Pacia Life young adults report a successful experience. Success is measured differently for each young adult.

Statistics show that students who have the grit and stamina to hit the ground running in their first week with 65 to 75 productive hours a week generally have a length of stay of 4.5 months.

Statistics also show that most new students only have the ability to produce between 18 to 25 productive hours a week when they first arrive. Life is much like running your first marathon, it takes a training program that builds you up over time to endure the whole race.

Students who understand that if you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. Information turned into daily habits, leads to sustainable self-reliance

Statistic’s show students who have a sustainable and measurable “attitude of learning” in the first 90 days of arrival move into Tier 5 nearly six months earlier than students who believe through their actions that they know it all.

Students who blame others for their problems and try to involve their parents to rescue them stay stuck and do not progress. In fact, statistic’s show that students who use the “blame diversion” do not only stop personal progression but will actually go backwards in their progression.

Students who take the initiative to call their life coaches to set up appointments show measurable progress at nearly twice the rate of students who wait for their life coaches to tell them what to do.

Students who follow the directives of their fiscal life coach graduate Pacia Life with $5,000 to $12,000 in their savings account. We currently have multiple former students who are now making over $100,000 a year and have substantial savings accounts compared to other young adults the same age.

Current and former students who follow our systematic approach that includes the four stages (1. fiscal dependence, 2. fiscal independence, 3. financial security and 4. fiscal abundance) also learn self-discipline, emotional regulation, enjoy healthy relationships with their families and seek out higher levels of education.

Statistics also show that students who lack self-discipline and have low impulse control with money, need the support of Pacia Life for 8 to 12 months longer.

Keys To Success

Life Coaches for emerging young adults.

  • Through the Tatori System, we are ambitiously determined
    to empower young adults to live healthier and happier lives.
  • Coaches help you take your dreams and reverse engineer them into a life map plan
  • Life Mapping plans focus on being in the present while building the future
  • Through the Tatori Vision, Lens, Dance, and Mirror, we learn a solution focused and systematic way of approaching our goals, dreams, and challenges.
  • Change is accelerated, life mapping is hacked, education is holistic and extraordinary living becomes even more possible for each of us who learn to execute the principals and task.
  • Strength based approach
Change Improvement Development Adjust Transform Concept

Change Improvement Development Adjust Transform Concept

Testimonials and advice…

We love our Pacia Life family, community and growing network!

“I think I’ve finally figured out what Pacia is all about. I think you want me to decide what I want, then ask for help, and you’re right there for me. Before, I thought you’d do it for me, but now I see that none of this works unless I do. You’re not trying NOT to Help me, you’re allowing me to make the choices, and then helping me with what I ask for. I think that’s so cool!”
Amber, student, 23, California
“I sleep better at night knowing that my son is finally living up to his potential. It’s been a rough road. I’m so grateful that you’re taking care of him.”
Sue, Mom of 22 year old male, Texas
“I have been ready for this for a long time, and Pacia is just giving me the opportunity to make the change I’ve been needing.”
Amber, 21, Student, California
“We are so thrilled and pleased. Thanks for making our year!”
Karen, 19 year old daughter, Mother, California
“Leaving Joey was much easier this time than other departures in wilderness and residential. His comfort level and health are at a different level. He is ready, and I’m so hopeful he’ll use Pacia (& staff) for all the positives it has to offer! After meeting Billy (Nicola) and Joey’s whole team, I just feel the passion, strength and well thought out systems! My heart already misses him, but I’m so excited for him!”
-Missy, Mom, 20 year old son, Florida
“My favorite thing about Pacia is that I get to be independent. It’s a program of sorts, but it’s not a program.  Pacia staff don’t hover, but they’re always there for me. They will challenge me on my choices but let me still make the choice. I learn better from making choices and making mistakes without having someone dictate my choices for me.”
Nick, 18, Texas
“You guys have no idea how much you have done for our family and for our daughter. Really! She has been to so many programs and therapists…you all have done what no one else could do. We are forever grateful,”
Tricia, Mom of a 24-year-old female, California
Hi Randy (Oakley) and all of you! As I reflect on graduating from college this past week, I want to thank you. Without you, I would not be where I am today. You always believed in me, before I could. You saw potential in me that I did not even know was there. Thank you for your ongoing love and support. It means the world to me. I’m excited about this next chapter,”
Megan, 23, Michigan, Pacia Life
“When I got to the cash register and had to pay for them myself, I realized for the first time that my razor heads are like $17 bucks! I was shocked! I have been buying them for years and never knew. There’s growing up for ya.”
Madison, 22, Student learning that money does not grow on trees.
“You know… When I first came to Pacia, I didn’t think I needed any more help. Now, I know my parents couldn’t have done a better thing for me at this point in my life. Thank you.” – Nate, 18, Texas, Student on his last day in Pacia as he was heading off to college.
Nate, 18, Texas
“When I moved here from Cali, Columbia I had a dream of playing volleyball and getting my college degree. I have very little money and needed to figure things out so I could go to college. I’m so grateful to my mentors for helping me find my path.” Jovana first attended and played Volleyball at Salt Lake Community College, then Westminster College and finally finishing her degree in accounting and playing volleyball at the University of Texas.
Jovana, 24, International Student, Columbia, South America
“Every time I feel like something happens that sets me back, I feel like the set back is just something that opens up new doors and possibilities. I love my life coaches.”
Mayra, 24, International Student, Columbia
“Our family’s journey has been a complicated, difficult, complex and yet wonderful and transforming experience. ” Julie, Mother, 24-year-old, California. “I want to add too, that her dad and I did a lot of our own work while our daughter was at Pacia.  This wasn’t a case of “fix our daughter” this was a true case of our whole family needing to transform.  We were able to also learn tools and gain insight with the help of our parent coach Dawn (Bauer) as well as personal work that we took part in.  Dawn was an invaluable resource and guided us every step of the way. To be honest, if we hadn’t done our personal work as parents, our daughter would not have progressed the beautifully in Pacia like she did.”
Julie, Mother, 24 year old, California.
“I learned so much from my Pacia Experience and left with over $5,000 in my savings account. My advice, listen to your life coach and stop trying to think that you know better than they do.”
DJ, 26, New York
“Thanks, Dan (Lemaire) for all your help and guidance for our son. Your passion for helping Nick (and all the students) is inspirational and honorable. Nick has benefited greatly from your relationship and the work you have done together. That is also true of all the Pacia team members. Please make sure to let them know our gratitude. We have seen a lot of growth in Nick and know there is a lot more that he has not shown yet. Each time he and I talk, I see rays of light emerging and know that we will continue to see him grow from the experience at Pacia for many years to come. I have enjoyed our friendship and look forward to keeping in touch. If there is anything I can do to assist, please feel to reach out.”
Joe, Dad, 19 year old son, Texas
“I consider myself very fortunate to have Rachel Folkman as my life coach. She really knows her stuff. I have already benefited tremendously from her support and feedback. I don’t think I’ll ever move out of Utah and I hope Rachel will be willing to help me for a long time”
Kennedy, 22, Texas
“Pacia is the greatest experience ever! It’s the first time in my life that I actually feel really good about my life and the direction I am going. I won’t lie, sometimes I really hated my life coaches. But, that is only because I didn’t want to be pushed. I was scared. But now, I am creating my own life and couldn’t be prouder.”
Jill, 18, California
“Thank you for all you have done for our son. He has found himself and through that, our relationship is better than ever before. We are going to miss working with Pacia’s amazing team!”
Priya, 18 year old son, Mother, Texas
“I was surprised at how much work it is to be an adult. Then I was surprised at how much I liked the work. It feels good to see my life coming together.”
Zane, 22, Texas
“I just want to thank you and share where I am now. Coming out of High School I kept talking like I was going to college and had all of these great plans but in reality, I was one of those failure to launch kids that just doesn’t like doing things the traditional way that everyone else does things. It took me getting in trouble with the law to wake me up and make some shifts in my life. My Life Coaches have been essential in my life. They taught me how to organize myself, be disciplined with money, how to establish a solid credit score, the importance of attitude money, that I’m going to be like my five closest friends so to choose wisely and how to tap into the network of mentors and coaches in all areas of my life.

A year later I’m living on my own, paying 100% of my bills, I have over $12,000 in my savings account, have been promoted in my job, and I’m in the process of starting my own business. I often attend conferences, workshops and listen to audio books to continue my own self-education process. And, I still call my Pacia Life Coach for advice!”

DJ, 21, Utah
“At the time, I thought I was doing everything myself and didn’t need help. It’s only now, looking back, that I understand that Randy (Oakley) is a master teacher. He just has this way of making every learning experience exciting and unique. I just to get so mad at him. But I always knew that he was right, and that made me even madder. When I finally learned to ask the right questions, to get the right answers, everything shifted. I have nothing but praise, love and gratitude for Randy, Lara and the whole Pacia experience. A year after moving to tier 5, my life is peaceful. I’m paying my bills. My family relationships are full of love instead of fights. But most of all, I have learned to love myself.”
Vanessa, 25, California
“I wasn’t afraid of hard work. I hit the ground running in my first weeks with over 60 hours of productive time. Before Pacia, I just didn’t know what to do with myself, so I was making poor choices. I learned executive functioning, how to make a plan and stick to it, I traveled to Europe and South Africa. Today, I have my college degree and am so grateful for my life coaches. They mean everything to me.”
Michelle, 24, Texas
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