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“I no longer have to pretend to be happy, I am happy.”

“We made extensive plans on how to deal with my depression and anxiety while I finished my degree.”

“My relationship with my family is stronger and better than ever.”

The Mental Health Stigma – From a college student perspective

Sandy is a student at Texas A&M University. She shares insights from her own life and how acceptance of her own challenges, help from family, friends, therapist and life coaches has enabled her to find the balance to move forward in her life.

Living with mental illness is hard. Besides finding the right therapist and medications, there is the stigma that comes along with having a diagnosis of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder etc.. The ideas that are often associated with different types of mental illness can make it hard to talk to friends and family about it because there’s the fear […]

November 4th, 2016|College Education, Young Adults|

Innovision Gaming – What we learned


But more than anything, they taught us how to think differently. How to think like businessmen. How to have confidence. How to succeed.

We learned the following:

  • Wow, starting a business is awesome!
  • It’s harder than any of us thought.
  • When you business coach suggest, “do this”, they mean it.
  • Coaches never really tell you what to do, they just guide you through the process. Listen closely. They have already been through starting their own business.
  • Dream big!  But too big too fast can go against you. In our ground funding efforts, we went for […]

Nepal, Africa, and Peru before starting college

International South Africa Nyq“My current personal and academic success in college is so much more powerful because I took the time to do a GAP experience,” – Nick Bruzzo, a college student at the University of Redlands, CA.

Nick was working with his College Educational Consultant Coach regarding getting into the best college choices. She pointed out that many of the top Universities are encouraging students to take a GAP year before starting college. She proposed several options, one of which was to connect with a personalized Pacia Life GAP Coach.

Nick states, […]

August 30th, 2016|College Education, Extraordinary Living, GAP|

Congrats to Gwen Jorgensen wins U.S.’ first triathlon gold medal

For those of you who have taken paragliding lessons in Utah or traveled to Columbia with Ken Hudonjorgensen, you may enjoy learning that his niece, Gwen Jorgensen, won the Olympic gold medal in the women’s triathlon! To learn more about Gwen’s victory, click here.  To learn more about Ken and his paragliding experiences, click here. 

For those who are interested in advancing their skills and traveling to Chili for an international cultural experience, combined with advanced paragliding, check out the video below. This video is from 2014 and […]

August 22nd, 2016|College Education, Extraordinary Living, News, Success|

No art experience required, just you, showing up…

Pacia Life College Prep

From Pacia Life at Portland Station, Summer collegiate prep experiences.

Supposing you can hold a pen…the road ahead is littered with paper, paint, Sharpies, glue, wood, scissors, and a host of other visual ammunition to bring out the Journal Junkie occupying a space in each of us.

No art experience required, just you, showing up. Art Journaling is the tactical secret of self-expression, an opportunity to grab anything within reach to make the blank page come alive using collage, photo transfers, woodcut, printmaking, doodling, maps, ticket stubs, […]