Millennials in the Workplace by Simon Sinek

Great insights by Simon Sinek on what is working and not working for Millennials.

“I’ve been working with Millennials for years now. My opinion is that we are dealing with by far, the most intelligent and powerful generation in history. And, like every generation before, there are some unique challenges that must be addressed for that power to become unleashed. Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace addresses a significant stumbling block in this fifteen-minute video. Again, my opinion is this generation is fantastic and powerful! And, their stumbling blocks are Grit, Resiliency, and Depth of human relationships.” – Randy Oakley, […]

December 2nd, 2016|Randy Oakley, Success|

TEDx Salt Lake City – A Tribute to Anna Decker

anna-pacia-life-coachAfter spending time in Guatemala in the act of Service (GAP Experience), Anna moved to Salt Lake City. Among many things on her dream board, was to create a platform for innovation, thought, the arts, and to be a contributor to making Salt Lake City a better place. From this dream, TEDx Salt Lake City was born.

#TEDxSaltLakeCity 2016 sold all 1,300 available tickets and had live audio streaming. An army of 100 volunteers with an estimated 3,000 hours of service put on the event.

“When Randy and I first […]

September 19th, 2016|Extraordinary Living, News, Pacia Life, Randy Oakley, Success, TED Talk|

Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Show You Your Future

Enough Said…Show me your friends

September 5th, 2016|Extraordinary Living, Success, Young Adults|

Huge congrats to the very awesome and very talented Ariana Escalante

Ariana Escalante.

Huge congrats to the very awesome and very talented Ariana Escalante on booking a show with the NFL!! Looking forward to seeing you kill it out there!! 

“Today is kind of a big day in my little world. I have officially begun submitting myself to top hosting agents. What does that mean?

“For the first year of my career as a host in LA, I have chosen to remain “Independent”, meaning I have no official hosting representation. The reason I chose this was […]

Some Tips on Successful Living as an Entrepreneur

Find-Your-PassionSuccessful Living as an Entrepreneur is the finding the perfect blend of your passion, being an expert and opportunity to make a living.

Here are some tips for finding success as an entrepreneur:

  1. “Find your passion.” You are going to spend so much time on your business, you’d better like what you’ll be doing. Entrepreneurs work more hours, not less. They live and breath their business because it is also their passion.
  2. “Find the right people.” You can’t do it alone. Find those that can help you and who can support you. […]

Congrats to Gwen Jorgensen wins U.S.’ first triathlon gold medal

For those of you who have taken paragliding lessons in Utah or traveled to Columbia with Ken Hudonjorgensen, you may enjoy learning that his niece, Gwen Jorgensen, won the Olympic gold medal in the women’s triathlon! To learn more about Gwen’s victory, click here.  To learn more about Ken and his paragliding experiences, click here. 

For those who are interested in advancing their skills and traveling to Chili for an international cultural experience, combined with advanced paragliding, check out the video below. This video is from 2014 and […]

August 22nd, 2016|College Education, Extraordinary Living, News, Success|

Empowering Daily Rituals

What does Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Persha, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Vishen Lakhiani, Wayne Dyer, Benjamin Franklin, Randy Oakley and many of the other successful people in the world all have in common?

They have an EMPOWERING DAILY RITUAL. The create their lives through small daily habits each day. They are proactively creating their lives each day instead of being stressed and reactive to the daily rigors of life.

This means, every morning they wake up and spend the first part of the day focused on growing themselves. They focus on […]

August 11th, 2016|Extraordinary Living, Randy Oakley, Success, Tatori Method|

Pacia Life Coach and Olympian, Natalie Williams is a mom, spouse, sports coach, life coach, motivational public speaker.

Natalie is extremely excited to train and coach young athletes and young adults in all areas of their lives.

She coached High School for nine years and Club for the past 3 years.  She believes it is her life goal to give back and share […]

June 12th, 2016|Career, Pacia Life, Success|

I am realistic, I expect miracles in my life!

I Expect Miracles Pacia Life

While Lara and I were spending a few days on the island of Maui, Hawaii with the late Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass listening to them tell personal stories of healing, manifestations, trials and triumphs, I heard Wayne jokingly restate, “I am realistic, I expect miracles in my life.”   There was something about the energy and mannerisms behind the words that was powerful. Wow, I thought.  If we could only help our students not only go from a state […]

June 11th, 2016|Extraordinary Living, Randy Oakley, Success|

Key to success – Stay focused on your goals and focus on your own business!

Blaming others and staying focused – by Randy Oakley  Randy Oakley

Well known author and self-help guru Byron Katie teaches to stay stress-free, we need to stay in our own business.

Byron Katie teaches that there are only three types of businesses in this universe:

  • Other people’s business
  • God’s business (things that happen through Mother Nature, death, etc.)
  • My own business.

At Pacia Life, we often witness that when we use “other people’s business or God’s business” to distract ourselves from our own personal work and goals that a series of negative consequences take […]

May 7th, 2016|Randy Oakley, Success, Young Adults|