Work Hard. Play Hard. Produce Results. Pacia Life SLC has unique company culture…

Pacia Innovation 2Pacia Life in Salt Lake City is famous for its unique company culture. 

Work hard. Play hard. Produce results. 

Lara Pearson Oakley, Randy Oakley, Billy Nicola, No one has a set schedule, and yet nothing is ever left undone. There is no such thing as a work “shift.” There’s no real policy on vacations—it’s a question of producing real results and taking the time you need. 

Managers are encouraged to let team […]

Stop should-ing on yourself

rachelBy: Rachel Folkman, CSW

Shoulda’ woulda’ … Or maybe just coulda.’

“I should never have let her go out with that boy.”
“I should have set more clear boundaries.”
“I should have told my son I loved him more often.” …

“Stop should-ing on yourself.”

This phrase coined by psychologist Clayton Barbeau and is frequently utilized by Albert Ellis, one of the founders of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT,) is common in the mental health field.

How often do we either look back on our past through the lens of “should have,” while conversely seeing our future through a […]

April 29th, 2016|News, Rachel Folkman, Randy Oakley, Young Adults|