TEDx Salt Lake City – A Tribute to Anna Decker

anna-pacia-life-coachAfter spending time in Guatemala in the act of Service (GAP Experience), Anna moved to Salt Lake City. Among many things on her dream board, was to create a platform for innovation, thought, the arts, and to be a contributor to making Salt Lake City a better place. From this dream, TEDx Salt Lake City was born.

#TEDxSaltLakeCity 2016 sold all 1,300 available tickets and had live audio streaming. An army of 100 volunteers with an estimated 3,000 hours of service put on the event.

“When Randy and I first […]

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Work Hard. Play Hard. Produce Results. Pacia Life SLC has unique company culture…

Pacia Innovation 2Pacia Life in Salt Lake City is famous for its unique company culture. 

Work hard. Play hard. Produce results. 

Lara Pearson Oakley, Randy Oakley, Billy Nicola, No one has a set schedule, and yet nothing is ever left undone. There is no such thing as a work “shift.” There’s no real policy on vacations—it’s a question of producing real results and taking the time you need. 

Managers are encouraged to let team […]

Immediate Job Openings in Portland Oregon and other locations

Pacia Portland Station Keep Portland Weird
Job Description:

Pacia Life is seeking talented, well-rounded professionals to work as Life Coaches with our growing student base of young adults. We have immediate openings in Portland Oregon. We also have some limited openings in Salt Lake City, Utah and Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Our Life Coaches guide students through one or more of 5 Track Options (Students can focus on one or several):

  1. Traditional College Learning and Life Skills Support: teaching sustainable self-reliance in college (executive functioning skills, […]
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TED Salt Lake – What Can You Learn from a Broken Bike

Pacia Life Coaches and students are in the fourth year of partnership with TED Salt Lake City!

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Pacia Life on LA Talk Radio


AIRED:  July 11, 2016– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Identifying and Correcting Parenting Styles that Damage a Student’s Development”

According to Dawn Bauer, the founder of The Family Hope Line and a Director of Admissions at Pacia Life, 92% of parents/families who learn simple but empowering communication with their young adult child end up with sustainable long-term successful outcomes. The success rate drops to 17% when parents feel the need to enable, “helicopter,” control their young adult child or the program […]

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Pacia Life Coach and Olympian, Natalie Williams is a mom, spouse, sports coach, life coach, motivational public speaker.

Natalie is extremely excited to train and coach young athletes and young adults in all areas of their lives.

She coached High School for nine years and Club for the past 3 years.  She believes it is her life goal to give back and share what […]

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Stop should-ing on yourself

rachelBy: Rachel Folkman, CSW

Shoulda’ woulda’ … Or maybe just coulda.’

“I should never have let her go out with that boy.”
“I should have set more clear boundaries.”
“I should have told my son I loved him more often.” …

“Stop should-ing on yourself.”

This phrase coined by psychologist Clayton Barbeau and is frequently utilized by Albert Ellis, one of the founders of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT,) is common in the mental health field.

How often do we either look back on our past through the lens of “should have,” while conversely seeing our future through a […]

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Congratulations to our very own, Damian Trujillo!


Thank you, Damian Trujillo for the continued service to make our community better and to help those who are now at a place where you were years ago!

Randy Oakley, the founder of Pacia Life, states, “Damian’s skill sets as addictions and recovery counselor are outstanding, but his real gift is his love, passion, and understanding of the human soul and how to extract the very best in the kindest and gentle ways.”

Damian was born, raised and have lived in Utah all of his life. His journey through life took […]

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puerto-rico-1SALT LAKE CITY, UT- Pacia Life, the newest leading young adult transitional living experience, and Surf House Puerto Rico, are proud to announce that Surf House has joined the Pacia Life Group. Surf House Puerto Rico will officially be renamed Pacia Life Puerto Rico.

Sarah Persha, Executive Director of Pacia Life Portland Station, who began to work with Randy Oakley and the Pacia Life team over a year ago,  says, “I am excited that Pacia Life will be working with […]

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